District Heights

District Heights This home was a fire restoration. We brought the house back to life: added on a garage and a master suite that added 750 square feet to the home created an open concept built extra rooms and full bathroom on the 1st floor Before the open layout Before the Renovation….. Before added garage


Philadelphia We completely gutted (took everything out) this home and created an entirely new layout. We created an open concept downstairs and added an extra bathroom upstairs. We also built new deck – attached to the home, by taking out a window and add a sliding door in its place, to create an entrance onto […]

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. This project was another property completely gutted with a new layout designed for the home. This site features an In-Law Suite, so the homeowner is able to rent out the basement and the renter can access their suite without entering the main corridor. Previous Next Before…..