How It Works

Tired Of Dealing with Stressful Real Estate Transactions? We’ve Got You.

Cash Purchase Program

We utilize cash funding from our national network of investors that allow us to circumvent many nuances of a traditional real estate closing. Instead of charging you any commission or fees, we’ll purchase your home directly from you. Besides offering a funding source, we’ll buy your house as-is. It means we won’t ask you to make even a single repair to your residential property.

Since we fully recognize the importance of timing, we can help close a deal within 7-10 business days. It would prove especially beneficial when you’re on the clock and need cash quickly. In this way, we provide a safe, fast, and efficient real estate experience no other company does.  

The Difference Between Traditional Buyers & F&H Property Solutions

Traditional Buyer
F&H Property Solutions
Method Of Payment
Bank Financing
1 / 8% Of Homes Value
None ( Sold AS / IS )
Closing Timeframe
45+ Days
10 / 14 Days
6% Of Sale Price
Seller Paid Closing Costs
1 / 6% Of The Purchase Price
Length Of Time On Market
150 Days On The Market ( DC, FL, PA, MD Average )
0 Days

Mortgage Refinance Programs

We understand that every property owner has different requirements. Some of them may need help with mortgage, which is where our refinance program comes in. We work with many national and local lenders specializing in refinancing homeowners who are behind on payments. While other mortgage companies refuse to work with borrowers that have bad credit, our lenders won’t have a problem with that.

We’ll utilize our years of experience to find a loan that suits your financial condition perfectly. So, if you’re interested in this program, talk to us today. And remember to be quick, because the longer you delay, the more difficult it’ll be to qualify for a loan.

Loan Modification Programs

Sometimes, borrowers may not be able to afford their mortgage payments. In these situations, our ‘Loan Modification Program’ can prove useful. It’s specifically designed for homeowners unable to commit to the mortgage payment schedules. We’ll directly work with you and your lender to find a middle ground and help you qualify.

It’s important to mention that you can only qualify for a loan if you’re capable of making your mortgage payments again. In most cases, the lender will ask for a partial payment before considering loan modification program. Typically, this process can be quite exhausting. However, that won’t be a problem for us as we’ve built healthy relationships with many banks, who will facilitate you during the process.  

Short Sale Programs

The real estate market is ever-changing, which makes it quite challenging for homeowners to sell their properties. As a result, they become overleveraged and abandon the idea altogether. However, what people don’t realize is letting their houses go into foreclosures could yield serious consequences. If you’re currently going through this scenario as well, allow us to ease your burdens. We’ll explore the available options and negotiate with banks on your behalf. If all goes well, they may end up buying your property directly from you and, thus, save you from a foreclosure.

Credit Repair Programs

Are you looking to improve your credit score? Or perhaps you’ve suffered an unfortunate financial event that has left you at a crossroads. Whatever the problem, we have the solution. Our team consists of network credit repair specialists who can produce the desired resultsquickly. From educational materials to professional credit coaching, we offer every resource to help you take control of your financial situation.     

Homeowner Relocation Programs

At F&H Property Solutions, we’re willing to go the extra mile if it means solving your real estate woes. Staying true to this idea, we’ve created ‘Homeowner Relocation Program.’ If you’re having trouble locating another home or an apartment based on your specific requirements, this program can help. Moreover, should the need arise, we can arrange reliable movers. In this way, we’re doing all the heavy lifting, allowing you to breathe a sigh of relief.

Find A Reliable Realtor

When we say we’re committed to serving you in the best possible way, we truly mean it. And that’s precisely why we can refer you to a trustworthy realtor if your home is located in an area beyond our reach. Additionally, we’re well aware of the concerns you have while connecting with a real estate broker. Therefore, we conduct extensive background check to ensure they are an adequate representation of our company.

Ready To Receive a Great Offer for Your House?

We understand that you want to receive the best offer for your house. Rest assured, as our team will work hard to give you exactly what you want.